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A Fistful of Vinyl

Karate with Kieran

AM Mayhem

Nosecats and Toescats

The Shapiro Show

Sweaty Palms



Molotov Cocktail Hour

The Windmills of Your Mind

International Voice of Reason

She Rocks

Neuz Pollution

Top 30

1 ISKA DHAAF- Even The Sun Will Burn
2 CLOUD NOTHINGS- Here And Nowhere Else
3 JAPANTHER- Instant Money Magic
4 JESUS SONS- Jesus Sons
5 WOODS -With Light And With Love
6 AVEY TARE'S SLASHER FLICKS- Enter The Slasher House
7 MAC DEMARCO-Salad Days
8 PERFECT PUSSY- Say Yes To Love
9 TEEN- The Way And Color
11 L.A. WITCH- L.A. Witch
12 BLACK LIPS- Underneath The Rainbow
13 DYLAN SHEARER- Garagearray
14 LIAM FINN- The Nihilist
15 OFF!- Wasted Years
17 INCAN ABRAHAM- Tolerance
19 COATHANGERS- Suck My Shirt
20 FUTURE LOVES PAST- Our Solar System
21 EAGULLS- Eagulls
22 THE FAINT- Doom Abuse
23 WYE OAK- Shriek
24 LIARS- Mess
25 PORNO MAGS-  Porno Mag
26 TWEENS- Tweens
27 DENNEY AND THE JETS- Mexican Coke
28 BLACK ANGELS- Clear Lake Forest
29 CROOKES- Soapbox
30 AFGHAN WHIGS- Do To The Beast

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tj show  

lightning bolt

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  Loyola Marymount University - KXLU from Phosworks LA on Vimeo.




Upcoming Shows / Sunday

12-2 am In a Dream :: hosted by Mystic Pete
2-6 am55 Shades of Blue :: hosted by Don
6-6 pm
Alma del Barrio :: hosted by Alma del Barrio
6-7 pm
Serenata de Trios :: hosted by Serenata de Trios
7-8 pm
Jazz Journey :: hosted by Eddie B.
8-9 pm
Echo in the Sense  :: hosted by Echo in the Sense
9-11 pm
Alien Air Music :: hosted by Alien Air Music
11-12 am 
The Windmills of Your Mind :: with Taylor 2000

Upcoming Shows /  Monday

12-2 am The Windmills of Your Mind :: hosted by Taylor 2000
2-6 am The Graveyard Party :: hosted by The Crypt-Keeper
6-9 am Nosecats and Toescats :: hosted by Auberi and Nikki
9-12 pm A Fistful of Vinyl :: hosted by Alec & John P. 
 12-3 pm The Frank :: hosted by Frank
3-6 pm DFish :: hosted David
6-8 pm Early Music Classical Fiasco :: hosted by Bruce Teter
8-11 pm Monday Night at the Opera :: with Dr. Free
11-12 pm Melody Fair :: hosted by DJ Michelle K.

Upcoming Shows / Tuesday

12-2 am Melody Fair :: hosted by DJ Michelle K.
2-6 am Carmikal St. James :: hosted by Albert
6-9 am Zoo Croo :: hosted by Ryan & the Rattler
9-12 pm Co Wave :: hosted by Crazy Legs
12-3 pm Cristina :: hosted by Cristina
3-6 pm
The Markness :: hosted by the Markness
6-7 pm Early Evening Concert :: hosted by Early Evening Concert
7-8 pm Center Stage  :: with Mark Gordon
8-10 pm Soiree Musicale :: hosted by Yolanda Che
10-12 am Molotov Cocktail Hour :: with Senor Amor and Cyrano

Upcoming Shows / Wednesday

12-2 am Psychotechnics :: hosted by Psychotechnics
2-6 am Music for Zombies :: hosted by Mary
6-9 am Mukta :: hosted by Mukta
9-12 pm Anna :: hosted by DJ Teacher
12-3 pm THE BENNETT SHOW :: hosted by Bennett
3-6 pm Cristina's Show:: hosted by DJ Tightpantz
6-7 pm The Kids are Alright :: hosted by The Kids are Alright
7-8 pm She Rocks :: hosted by McAllister, Yoli, and Bianca 
8-9 pm The Dream of Harry Lime :: hosted by Papa Gentle
9-10 pm Trilogy :: hosted by Trilogy
10-11 pm Glossolalia :: hosted by Glossolalia
11-12 am Prole Art Threat :: with Kyle Art Threat & DJ Hot Cocoa

Upcoming Shows /  Thursday
12-2 am Livation :: hosted by Livation
2-6 am Mos Eisley Radio Show :: hosted by Alex
6-9 am Mcallister's Hostile Makeover :: hosted by Mcallister
9-12 pm Claimed Responsibility :: hosted by Pascal and Michael
12- 3 pm  Marcyphilis :: hosted by Marcel
3-6 pm Part Time Punks  :: hosted by Michael Stock
6-7 pm Klassikmusyk :: hosted by Klassikmusyk
7-8 pm Collegium Musicum :: hosted by Collegium Musicum 
8-10 pm Headspace :: hosted by Headspace
10-12pm Neüz Pollution :: hosted by Neüz Pollution

Upcoming Shows /  Friday

12-2 am The Metal Storm :: hosted by The Metal Storm 
2-6 am Alex and Jenn :: hosted by Alex and Jenn
6-9 am CO-WAVE :: hosted by Anna-mal
9-12 pm The International Voice of Reason:: hosted by IVOR
12-3 pm Maki :: hosted by Maki
3-6 pm Doom, Gloom, and Happier Things :: hosted by Domenico
6-8 pm Demolisten :: hosted by Fred
8-9 pm Bomb Shelter :: hosted by Uncle Tim
9-10 pm Recognition :: hosted by Ned Learner
10-11 pm Instrumenral :: hosted by Ned Leamer
11-12 am Stray Pop :: hosted by Stella

Upcoming Shows / Saturday

12-3 am Stray Pop :: hosted by Stella
3-6 am Reverend Dan's Music for Nimrods :: with Rev. Dan
6-6 pm Alma del Barrio :: hosted by Alma del Barrio
6-8 pm Groove Time :: hosted by Big Red
8-10 pm The Reggae Show :: hosted by Junor Francis
10-12 am Toe Tappin' Music :: hosted by Cowboy Nick

New Adds

MOURN- Mourn

EX-CULT- Cigarette Machine

NOTWIST- Messier Objects


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