Alma Del Barrio

The granddaddy of all latin music programs in Los Angeles, Alma del 
Barrio has been going strong on the airwaves of KXLU since the fall of
1973, when started by then-students Enrique "Kiki" Soto and Raul
**(The following two paragraphs were taken from an article about us in
Latin Beat Magazine and best describes Alma del Barrio's history and
Education about the music the show plays--its roots and its artists
--was part of Raul and Kiki's vision for the show, and remains an
integral element of programming to this day. From ongoing readings of
key segments of John Storm Roberts The Latin Tinge, to call in shows
concerning immigration, specials on Benny Moré, golden oldies, and
in-depth interviews with legends like Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Eddie
Palmieri, Manny Oquendo and Andy González, Jerry González, Ray
Barretto, Chucho Valdés, Los Papines, Cachao, Roberto Roena, Los
Muñequitos de Matanzas and many others, keep listeners informed.
Music critic Gregory Sandow described Alma del Barrio this way, in an
article in time L.A. Herald Examiner: "Because it's non-commercial,
the show can be anything it wants, and in fact ends up
highlighting--and exemplifying--Latino culture of all kinds. Guests
discuss Latino film, Latino poetry, or Latino painting; Spanish flows
into English, and English into Spanish; listeners call in requests,
celebrating life and love. And throughout all of it runs time pulsing
rhythm of the music, spiked--listen to the bass, the piano, the
layered percussion--with darting offbeats. It's an enticing musical
universe, the soul of a culture whose presence should enrich the lives
of everyone who Jives here."
Here are our top 10 favorite artists/albums of 2007, as compiled by
Guido Herrera:
1.    8 Y Más!, Juega Billar
2.    Alfredo Valdes Jr., De La Habana A Nueva York
3.    Spanish Harlem Orchestra, United we Swing
4.    Grupo Caribe, Somos Caribeños
5.    Papo Vazquez, From The Badlands
6.    Frankie Morales, A toda Velocidad
7.    Jazz on The Latin Side All Stars, Tambolero
8.    Yuba Ire, Esta es mi Rumba
9.    Alfredo Naranjo, Alfredo Naranjo y el Guajeo
10.   The Latin Giants of jazz, Trip to Mamboland
The current on-air staff includes Michelle Lara, Gustavo Aragon, Cristina Banuelos,
Andres Buritica, Jose Cristobal, Joaquin del Toro, Guido Herrera,
Laura Herrera, Rosalva Lara, Eddie Lopez, Albert Price, Josue Sandigo,
and Kat Soto.