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[K Records; 2008]

Atlas Sound

Atlas Shrugged

Another Dub Narcotic selection featuring Atlas Sound split with Selector Dub Narcotic (Calvin Johnson). Get spacey.

4 stars

09/03/08 :: Matt

[Aagoo; 2008]



More Neo-Psychedelic... less acid?

3 stars

09/03/08 :: Matt

[Merge Records; 2008]

The Music Tapes

Music Tapes for Clouds and Tornadoes

Julian Koster (of Neutral Milk Hotel) might just be a little more bizarre than Jeff Mangum. The penny arcade has been taken to a new extreme.

3 stars

09/03/08 :: Matt

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[Marriage Records; 2008]

White Fang

Pure Evil

Noisy, distorted, goofy punk that makes you wanna run around and light stuff on fire again.

5 stars

09/03/08 :: Matt

[We Are Free; 2008]


Ice Cream Spiritual

Remember the first time you tried to snort a Pixie Stick? Imagine that and actually being able to play your instrument.

4 stars

09/03/08 :: Matt

[Autobus Records; 2008]


The Glowing City

Bill Baird responds to his "Big Blue Dream" March release with this mellow toy symphany, two-part epic. Dark and stoney, but lit up at the endl.

4 stars

09/03/08 :: Matt