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holograms forever

blouse - imperium

[Captured Tracks; 2013]



Holograms has always been honest and energetic in their music, and there's no denying that. As their sophomore album,  "Forever" stands out, showing really how far that band's come. Holograms doesn't kid around.

[Captured Tracks; 2013]



Blouse's sophomore effort, Imperium, while still a great record, really drifts from their first, synth filled album, Blouse.  Imperium takes a more guitar driven, rock approach, and while it's very different, it's still done well. Layers upon layers are buried within the melody of each song making it complex and interesting to listen to. Charlie Hilton's melancholy voice is a dream; warm but almost spooky, which leaves you wanting more.

10/04/2013 :: Tommy

10/04/13 :: Anna

king krule 6 feet
coachwhips lp

[XL/True Panther; 2013]

King Krule

6 Feet Beneath the Moon

In his dark and ever-so-haggard voice, King Krule confides in us his deepest, darkest emotions. Although he just turned 19 this year, he sounds more mature than most other aged artists, and he's not afraid to show it. His delivery is perfectly somber and poetic altogether, and I just can't get enough of it.

[Castleface; 2013]


Coachwhips LP

Damn this record came out in 2002 and it still RULES. Thee Oh Sees is probably the best band in the world and HANDS ON THE CONTROLS is the first album by John Dwyer's old band (the) Coachwhips - REISSUED! CAN YOU DIG IT???!

10/04/13 :: Tommy

10/04/13 :: Bennett